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 The Georgia Militia

     We are a voluntary organization made up of the citizens of Georgia. Our mission is to help one another to achieve the skills necessary to survive in adverse conditions and to provide assistance as needed in times of emergency, natural disaster, and civil unrest. We are not a political organization. We do not endorse any one person running for government office. We do not have anti-government sentiments or racist ideologies. We will not discriminate based on religion or race or income or national origin or sex or age or education or even sexual preference. Intolerance has no place in the Georgia Militia.

 The Georgia Militia is constantly growing and looking for volunteers to assist us in expanding our common defense, preparedness, and disaster assistance programs to a state wide level. There are Georgia Militia members who have many years of experience in militia organizations or have specialized professional training. No specialized training or military service is required to sign up and most new members join the Georgia Militia without prior militia experience. You will get the training and experience you need as an active member of the Georgia Militia. If you are age 18 or older, there are no other requirements. 

If you are interested then fill out form provided.  There is no obligation and all information will remain secure and 100% confidential.  Here’s what will happen:

  1. You fill out from. Email and county where you live are two main items we need.
  2. One of our officers will email/call you and start the process.
  3. Based on this email/phone call, they will setup a meeting with you. You guys will come to that agreement and if all goes well, then you will go to next step.
  4. Then you will meet your platoon at next FTX (Field Training Exercise) or whatever you guys agree too.  New Recruit Sign up.
  5. Get list of gear you will need but hold off on all big items until you meet and start to train. We have a lot of info on this matter and we want to pass some of this knowledge to you before you spend your money.